Abstract Art

What is abstract art?


As many of you know, I have a real love affair with abstract art; especially abstract expressionism. I find it to be the most creative and thought provoking means of interpreting thought and visual inspiration. The painting at the top of this blog is a 3’x4’ acrylic abstract expressionist piece that I recently painted.


I would like to know your thoughts about abstract art. I am also soliciting your suggestions for a title of this painting. As time permits, I will post additional blogs so please check back from time to time.


Please share this with your friends and fellow art aficionados. Let’s get some dialog going. Thank you.

An Art Education

Sterling EdwardsWelcome to the online blog for Sterling Edwards. Sterling’s work in watercolor and acrylic paints over the years has earned him the respect of art aficionados and his peers. We’ll be using this space to share more of his artistic vision with his fans or any art lovers including those who create art whether they are a novice or a professional. Feel free to browse the main website to see many examples of Sterling’s deft brushwork and expressive style of painting, if you haven’t already.


Any artist will tell you that an education in the arts is truly important for everyone, not just those who want to create art themselves. More and more studies are being released every year that support the idea of arts and humanities education improving critical thinking in a way that math, science and history cannot.


In 1993, a study by the well-known psychologist Frances Rauscher, along with a team of specialists, found that 10 minutes of listening to Mozart compositions gave study participants a better sense of spatial relationships and reasoning. This led to the coining of the popular phrase, the “Mozart effect.”


It’s important to start an arts education at a young age, while the brain is still forming and can be molded into a strong tool for success. However, that’s no reason to say no to studying art later in life as well. The relaxation and creative outlet that can be gained through painting, for example, can aid the productivity of any business professional by helping them stay focused while on the job instead becoming distracted by everyday cares or worries.


Artists’ workshops are a great way for non-professional or novice painters to delve into the world of art and learn the tools and techniques that they will need to develop their own interpretive style of creating works of art. Check out the Calendar section of this website, which will inform all readers about the upcoming workshops offered by Sterling Edwards. Be sure to look for Sterling’s acrylic abstract workshops as well as his watercolor workshops.


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